Welcome in Maitrea

Dear Guests,

vegetariánská restaurace Maitrea - interiér

Welcome to our restaurant. Restaurant MAITREA in Týnská ulička in Prague centre is a sister firm of Clear Head vegetarian restaurant in Prague Boršov. It is slightly larger, has 2 floors and 90 seats and interior in the style of feng shui. Inside there are two fountains, fireplace and a retreat with the Buddha – MAITREA. After him (in the translation of “loving kindness”) is named the restaurant and also the whole House of personal development, in which it is located.

Maitrea - jídloAs regards food, we love to cook meals without meat so that also non-vegeterian people would delight tasting it. We have launched a start-up menu with the first idea of the menu and we are interested in your observations. In addition to the permanent menu we also started a daily offer – menu for 115 CZK for the soup, a main dish and water. In the coming weeks we prepare for you a lot of interesting new recipes and beverages, which will be complementary to the supply of Clear Head Restaurant assortment.

We hope you will be pleased to find another firm in Prague, where you will feel comfortable and where you will wish to return.

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