Today from 3 till 6pm is restaurant closed.

Dear customers,
at Wednesday, July 30th, restaurant will be closed from 3pm till 6pm.
Thank you for your kind understanding !

Vážení zákazníci,
omlouváme se, ve středu 30.7. je restaurace
od 15-18hod ZAVŘENA.
Děkujeme za vaše laskavé pochopení!

Dear Guests,

Welcome to our restaurant. Restaurant MAITREA in Týnská ulička in Prague centre is a sister firm of Clear Head vegetarian restaurant in Prague Boršov. It is slightly larger, has 2 floors and 90 seats and interior in the style of feng shui. Inside there are two fountains, fireplace and a retreat with the Buddha – MAITREA. After him (in the translation of “loving kindness”) is named the restaurant and also the whole House of personal development, in which it is located.

vegetariánská restaurace Maitrea - interiér

As regards food, we love to cook meals without meat so that also non-vegeterian people would delight tasting it. We have launched a start-up menu with the first idea of the menu and we are interested in your observations. In addition to the permanent menu we also started a daily offer – menu for 115 CZK for the soup, a main dish and water. In the coming weeks we prepare for you a lot of interesting new recipes and beverages, which will be complementary to the supply of Clear Head Restaurant assortment.

Maitrea - jídlo

We hope you will be pleased to find another firm in Prague, where you will feel comfortable and where you will wish to return.

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